About Woodland Workshop

Woodland Workshop Party Hire - creating magical Childhood parties

Seeing a parent lovingly setup for a magical birthday party is an exciting and memorable childhood experience. Woodland Workshop Party Hire is dedicated to making it as easy and affordable as possible, taking the stress out of decoration and setup for parties!

Woodland Workshop Party Hire was founded by Leonie Guley in Casuarina, Western Australia. Her creativity (and sewing skills!) have created a huge range (still growing!) of gorgeous party kits for any child.

Environmental impact

Parties can create so much rubbish! By ordering a reusable kit from Woodland Workshop, you’re helping to save the planet by avoiding single-use plastics and other throw away items. A large portion of our plates and platters and even some of the decor items have been sourced from op shops. Our kits are made from quality materials and fabric covers – not plastic and include glass bottles, washable plates and paper straws.

Supporting Endangered Carnaby Cockatoos

By hiring one of our kits, you are helping to support our 3 acre reforestation project, providing artificial nesting boxes and tube stock plant species for endangered Carnaby Cockatoos.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No sorry, our party kits are pre-packed and stored as complete sets. Once you get the kit home, you can use the items that you need and leave the remaining items safely in the tub for return. 
The kits represent amazing value at $99 for weekend hire.

No sorry. My party kits are hired as complete kits, the focus of Woodland Workshop is creating a fun party experience with easy to set up full decor kits.

Buffet Food Table Kits and Dining setting kits are hired for 3 days. Pick up is generally Friday after 4pm and return is due either Sunday or Monday afternoon.
DIY Teepee kits are picked up the evening prior so that you have a full day to enjoy creating a dream sleepover party. They are due back in the afternoon once your guests have gone home. 

Once we have checked the kit and repackaged then we contact you for details to electronically transfer the bond back to you.

We charge a $40 non refundable deposit to secure the date. The remaining balance is due at pick up or the day prior if paying by bank transfer.
Only cash can be used if paying at point of pick up and a receipt will be provided to you.
Yes, you wash and dry all plates, cups, bowls and platters.
Dry out any spills and place all fabric table linen into a bag. Laundry service is included in the cost of hire.